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This is me. Not much to say. I think there is nothing better in the world than having a good friend that you can have an entire conversation with and never say a word. I love to read. Nicholas Sparks and James Patterson are two of my favorite authors. I am not afraid to choose a book by an unknown author if the title catches my eye. If my kitchen was not so small I would have people over all the time and cook for them. I love to try new meals and make new things. Life without a pet is not a full life in my opinion. I have one dog – Sasha. Could not imagine not having her there every day to shed all over my house and get in my way and be totally excited when I got home from work. She knows when to jump on my lap and just be there when I have a bad day. People need to give animals more credit and everyone should own one.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Finished Projects...

Wall heading down the stairs to the bed room

Entry floor is finished

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

You block your dream when you allow your fear to grow bigger than your faith.
Mary Manin Morrissey

Sunday, January 18, 2009

And now for the wedding...

Here is Ashley and you can kind of see Luke

Ashley and I

Kathy was actually the bartender last night. Pretty sure the last picture we have together is from her wedding.

Downtown Minneapolis in the snow...

Ashley's Bachelorette Party

I was in my friend Ashley's wedding last night and since I am behind on posting I thought I would start with the bachelorette party!!!

Christmas At Mom and Dad's

Not a moment of down time with these two girls in the same house!!!

Riley and her "big ass" bone!

Before heading to mom and dad's I was attempting to wrap presents. Apparently Sasha thought she could help by planting herself on top of the paper. Needless to say she was not that much help at all.

A few from Christmas...

The Adler's
The J. Pierce's

The T. Pierce's

Sunday, January 4, 2009

A few house things...

So today I decided to put a new floor down in the entry way. I have wanted to do this for a while and decided that today was the day. The floor is peel and stick vinyl tile. IT IS SO EASY, goes super fast and looks pretty good when it is done. And hell...I did it all on my own. Nothing better than that. I am sure my dad is VERY happy about that. I can almost see his face when I called to tell him I wanted a new floor. Picture a man thinking...Is there ever an end to what I have to HELP (aka for DO) for her. Just kidding Dad. But as always THANK YOU for everything. Thank you Chip for the chalk string thing and for talking to me about the measuring and centering and starting there.

Here are a few pictures of the process...

After the first 4 center tiles were down.
Two rows complete!!!
Just need to do the final row...
Finished on this side and stuff starting to be moved back in.
So, it is almost done. I still have 4 pieces left. After cutting a corner wrong "TWICE" I decided that maybe there was just too much measuring and concentrating for one day and since 3 of the 4 cuts left are not easy straight cuts I have decided to finish them later in the week when I am ready to concentrate again. But for the most part it is done. I am loving it.
As for other house updates I painted the basement again. The wall coming down the stairs is Dark Chocolate Brown and I plan to paint stripes on it. (I will post those pictures when it is completely done). The the wall behind the dresser in the laundry room is the same brown and all the Yellow walls are now light tan. I like it much better than before. But like I said...I will post when it is totally finished.
Next is floor boards. I have none in the basement and they are needed and the entry needs new ones and the kitchen is missing a few. So that is next and then in the spring I will start scraping the house and paint it. After all that I might be able to finally say...DONE. Who am I kidding? I can definitely find something else to work on.
Check back for updates...

Here is Cadence and the blanket I made for her.
It might not be as soft as her blanket but it does match her room so that works!

Here is Alexei and the tractor I got him. We had a good talk about NOT liking GREEN tractors and only liking BLUE ones. Turns out his Grandma got him a blue one too. We are training him right!

I have more pictures from Christmas but they are on my dad's camera so once I am able to steal it back from him I will post more.