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This is me. Not much to say. I think there is nothing better in the world than having a good friend that you can have an entire conversation with and never say a word. I love to read. Nicholas Sparks and James Patterson are two of my favorite authors. I am not afraid to choose a book by an unknown author if the title catches my eye. If my kitchen was not so small I would have people over all the time and cook for them. I love to try new meals and make new things. Life without a pet is not a full life in my opinion. I have one dog – Sasha. Could not imagine not having her there every day to shed all over my house and get in my way and be totally excited when I got home from work. She knows when to jump on my lap and just be there when I have a bad day. People need to give animals more credit and everyone should own one.

Friday, September 28, 2007

A Good Book

A while back my friend Jenn borrowed me three books from the author, Roxanne Henke. These are books that if looking for them in the book store you would probably find them under the Christian section. I am always willing to try a new author or read a good book. Never did I imagine how hook I would get on these books.

She has 6 books all in the same serious based on the lives of people in a small North Dakota town. I am currently reading the 4th book. Which I have to say is my favorite so far. I am taking a lot of the book with me and I can relate with part of it a lot.

If you have a chance or want to try a new author give Roxanne Henke a try. She is great.

Thanks Jenn for the good reads. I love them.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Taste of Vermont...

I am in Vermont this week. Tonight I had the opportunity to drive around the area and up by Smugglers Notch. This place is so beautiful. Hopefully tomorrow night I will be able to add a few more pictures of the changing colors.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Do you ever just wonder...WHY?

None of you will understand this but do you ever just wonder why? Why things happen and for what reasons. Why certain people refuse to grow up and others are grown up way before they should be. Why one person barely seems to have to lift a finger for what they want and the next works their ass off their entire life and never seems to get a head. How things just come easy to one person and the next person has the hardest time with everything.

Yeah so maybe I have been thinking a little too much lately.

Do you ever just wonder...