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This is me. Not much to say. I think there is nothing better in the world than having a good friend that you can have an entire conversation with and never say a word. I love to read. Nicholas Sparks and James Patterson are two of my favorite authors. I am not afraid to choose a book by an unknown author if the title catches my eye. If my kitchen was not so small I would have people over all the time and cook for them. I love to try new meals and make new things. Life without a pet is not a full life in my opinion. I have one dog – Sasha. Could not imagine not having her there every day to shed all over my house and get in my way and be totally excited when I got home from work. She knows when to jump on my lap and just be there when I have a bad day. People need to give animals more credit and everyone should own one.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Sasha...Hard at Work!!!

Sasha spent the entire weekend working hard outside with us.
Okay who am I kidding - she just laid around and supervised! Now if we could only get her to work we would get a lot more accomplished during the weekend.

Garden Shed

Last fall Chris put in off the back lot a huge - wonderful garden plot for me. After mid-February when all of my stuff moved to IA we started talking about how the extra space is shrinking. A couple weekends ago it was to the point where Chris had to move a ton of crap (mostly my garden stuff) in the shed to get his motorcycle out.
Time to do something.
So we headed to Menards to look at sheds or some sort of storage unit. That is when Chris decided he could build a much better shed than anything we could purchase so two weeks ago we bought the supplies.
The entire time I was wondering when would this shed actually get built due to the fabulous weather we have had and his work load filling up fast. Wednesday night he told me he had a surprise for me...
I pulled into the yard on Friday night to a half built shed! He poured the floor on Monday - no clue - never said anything to me.
He just told me he had a very busy week. Yes he did if this is how he spent his evenings after a full day of work!
Saturday morning we headed back to Menards for a few extra things and then headed home to work. Thank goodness this is not a HUGE shed so Chris could shingle it himself...as you all know I am worthless on a roof. Little hard to shingle with shaking knees.
Do you like the color I picked out? Chris said either paint it or we can wrap it in Tyvek...No more Tyvek...PLEASE!!!
Okay just kidding on the last picture...it was only the primer. I picked a very dark brown and even though I did not have time to paint the entire shed this weekend I did get the front painted before the doors went on just so I could see what it will look like.
I love it and I think Chris loves having a place to put all my crap. Now he does not have to trip over it all the time. He is still building me a work bench and a place to hang tools but for the most part the shed is complete. I can not wait until the next time I am in IA so I can organize it...Oh yeah, sorry Chris...I can't wait until the next time I am in IA so I can see you!!!
(And organize my shed) :)

Vegetable Garden

March 28th Chris and I headed to Running's to plant the garden. I have decided to try and start my own seeds indoors this year instead of having to buy all the plants when it is time to plant.
We have two Jiffy Greenhouse trays with 72 pods each. If they all work, I will have way to much for my garden...might have to give some away! Who needs plants???
Okay so they are all planted.
Beef Maestro Tomato
Habanero Pepper
Straight Eight Cucumber
Celebrity Tomato
Delicious Strawberry
Red Mercury Pepper
Italian Favorite Pepper
Jalapeno Pepper
Green Sprouting Calabrese Broccoli
California Wonder Green Pepper
Long Red Cayenne Pepper
This is one tray on day 15 - the largest plants in there are the cucumbers.
Day 22
Now that everything has sprouted they have been moved upstairs to mom's bay window to get sun during the day. I figure since she has a green thumb for indoor plants and I kill the inside stuff it might be best to keep these close to her. Maybe they will actually make it to the garden.
Here is tray two on Day 22.
Next step is to weed out the weak...literally. I have to kill off some of the plants. Can only have one in each pod.
So far so good. Everything was supposed to germinate anywhere from 3 days to 21 days. Everything is up...now it is time to keep them alive until they end up in the garden! And if all else fails...I buy plants again this year. Let's hope these work.

Birthday continued...

Cadence Jo
Jill and Crystal
Amanda Jo and Anthony

My Birthday

The weekend of my birthday I had a few people over to mom and dads for a little garage party. Food - beverage - friends...It was a good night! I think everyone had a good time!
Jenn and Izzy