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This is me. Not much to say. I think there is nothing better in the world than having a good friend that you can have an entire conversation with and never say a word. I love to read. Nicholas Sparks and James Patterson are two of my favorite authors. I am not afraid to choose a book by an unknown author if the title catches my eye. If my kitchen was not so small I would have people over all the time and cook for them. I love to try new meals and make new things. Life without a pet is not a full life in my opinion. I have one dog – Sasha. Could not imagine not having her there every day to shed all over my house and get in my way and be totally excited when I got home from work. She knows when to jump on my lap and just be there when I have a bad day. People need to give animals more credit and everyone should own one.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Painting the House!!!

It has taken me about a year to figure out what color I want to paint my house. Two weeks ago mom painted the garage with the winning color.

Getting ready to power wash the old paint off.
As you can see from this picture and the one above (on the garage) I had some trouble picking out the color so I had to paint the samples on the house. Looked like a patch work quilt for a while.
Finished garage. Perfect color. Thanks for painting mom.
Now the plan for this week is to scrap what the power washer did not take off.
Oh goody! Not looking forward to that! But it will look great when it is all finished. I will make sure to post the pictures when done.


Chris replaced the kitchen ceiling this weekend. Did not realize it looked so bad until the new ceiling was all done. Wow - what a difference!
Getting ready to start!
It turned out so good. I love how it looks. Thanks Chris - you did an amazing job!!!


Chris has been working hard for the last two weekends re-doing the bathroom. It was a long and very gross job. Everything is done but the trim. It turned out AMAZING.
Old shower walls coming down...GROSS!!!
OMG - That is what was behind my shower walls. Have I said GROSS yet!!!
New shower walls - New ceiling
Chris - thanks again...everything looks incredible.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Happy 3rd Anniversary Jodi and Shane!